Perches to Platforms: 12 Must Have Bird Feeders For Your Garden

To ensure that your bird feeding efforts are fruitful, there are four crucial factors that you must consider: selecting the appropriate food, utilizing the proper feeder, maintaining cleanliness, and finding an ideal location. By adhering to these basic guidelines, you can attract a variety of birds to your backyard, and relish in observing them while also ensuring they're healthy and happy. 

Having different types of bird feeders is an excellent way to accommodate the various needs and preferences of your feathered friends. Different bird species have different feeding habits and may require specific types of feeders to access their preferred food. For instance, platform feeders are ideal for ground feeding birds like doves, while tube feeders with perches are great for small songbirds like finches. Suet feeders are perfect for birds that prefer high energy foods like woodpeckers and nuthatches. By providing a variety of bird feeders, you can also minimize competition for food and reduce the likelihood of certain bird species dominating the feeding area. Overall, having different types of bird feeders is an effective way to enhance the diversity of bird species in your backyard and create a thriving, harmonious bird feeding environment.

Water is an essential element for birds, providing not only a means of hydration but also a refreshing spot for them to cool off and clean their feathers. By offering a shallow water source that is around 2 to 3 inches deep, you create a perfect spot for birds to bathe and drink. Additionally, water attracts bird species that may not be drawn to your feeding stations alone, such as insect eating birds that need to drink water regularly to maintain their high metabolic rate. So, by providing a water source in your backyard, you're not only benefiting the birds but also inviting a greater variety of feathered friends to your outdoor space.

Providing different types of bird food is a fantastic way to attract many different types of birds. Just like us humans, birds have different preferences when it comes to their diets, and offering a range of food options can increase the diversity of bird species that visit your feeders. For example, nectar will attract hummingbirds, while nyjer seed will bring in finches and sparrows. Suet is a favorite of woodpeckers and chickadees, and sunflower seeds are loved by many different types of birds, including cardinals, blue jays, and goldfinches. By offering a smorgasbord of bird food, you'll be able to enjoy a colorful array of birds right in your own backyard.

Outdoors Hanging Metal Tube Bird Feeder

This Gray Bunny Metal Bird Feeder is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. With six feeding ports and perches, multiple birds can feed simultaneously on a variety of seed mixes. The metal feeding ports, lid and base are chew proof and rust proof, making it weather resistant and healthier for birds. It also makes for a great gift for nature lovers and children alike. Easy to refill and clean, and the enclosed circular seed housing keeps seeds fresh and dry.


Home Style Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder - Large 8lb Capacity

Invite feathered friends while keeping squirrels at bay with the Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Home Style Bird Feeder. This charming feeder features weight activated perches that close off the feeding ports when heavier animals approach, ensuring the seed stays reserved for birds. Its country home design boasts a roof, faux chimney, and front porch perch, adding a touch of rustic charm to your yard. With squirrel resistant features such as a calibrated perch and a lid lock, this feeder keeps pesky squirrels out. Fill it with up to 8 lbs of various bird seeds and enjoy the delightful sight of birds visiting your backyard oasis.


Suet Wild Bird Feeder for Outside

Attract a variety of birds with this double capacity suet bird feeder. Its durable construction and cage design allows for easy access on all sides, and the protective metal roof protects suet cakes from melting and rain. The feeder is easy to maintain and rust-resistant, ensuring years of enjoyment for backyard birdwatchers.


Hanging Bird Feeder / Bath for Outdoors

Bathth's set of 2 outdoor bird feeders and bird baths are the perfect combination of durability and practicality. Made of rust proof PP material, these feeders are easy to clean and fill, with a large capacity that allows birds to walk and peck. Installing them is a breeze, taking only 3 minutes.


Hummingbird Feeders for Outdoors - 10 Feeding Ports

SEWANTA's 16 oz Hummingbird Feeder Set of 2 has 10 feeding ports and a circular design for multiple birds to feed at once. The leakproof reservoir screws onto the base, and the wide mouth makes for easy cleaning and filling. Hang it easily with the included S hook and enjoy the clear container to monitor nectar levels.


Oriole Bird Feeder - Orange Fruit Oriole Feeder

The FORUP Oriole Bird Feeder is a high quality bird feeder designed to attract and feed orioles with grape jelly and oranges. It has a detachable bowl design for easy cleaning and a colorful design to make your garden stand out. Additionally, it serves as a dual purpose feeder that provides both nectar and a swing, making it a great gift for bird lovers and gardeners alike.


Kettle Moraine Cedar Hanging Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

Invite bluebirds to your backyard with the Kettle Moraine Cedar Hanging Bluebird Mealworm Feeder. The feeder's design allows bluebirds to enter from either end and feed safely inside, while keeping larger birds out. Fill the feeder with mealworms, roasted mealworms, or bluebird nuggets to offer a delicious treat to your feathered friends.


Hexagon Shaped Gazebo Bird Feeder, USA Cedar - Large Capacity

The Solution4Patio Hexagon Shaped Gazebo Bird Feeder is a durable and functional addition to your backyard bird feeding setup. With a hollow mesh tray that promotes drainage and prevents mold, this feeder has a large capacity of 3.2 pounds to feed many birds at once. It's easy to fill and clean, and the wood hexagonal pavilion roof and sidewalls keep water out for moisture proof seeds. With clear plastic windows and automatic feeding, this feeder is both decorative and practical.


Kaytee Wild Bird Finch Station 2 Soft Mesh Sock Feeder

Attract finches easily with Kaytee Wild Bird Finch Station 2 Soft Mesh Sock Feeder. This feeder is designed to hold extra seed and fit more birds comfortably, with 4 socks included. Finches prefer soft mesh sock feeders over traditional tube feeders, making feeding easier and less frequent. Complete with 2 replaceable socks, this feeder can hold over 7 pounds of food.


Hanging Peanut WreathSteel Bird Feeder

Attract a variety of nut loving birds and discourage squirrels with the GrayBunny Hanging Peanut Wreath Bird Feeder. Its smart wreath design allows easy access to whole peanuts while providing entertainment for bird watchers of all ages. Made of high quality steel, the 16 inch feeder is rust and UV resistant and comes with a hanging hook for easy use. It also makes an excellent eco friendly gift for nature lovers.


Droll Yankees Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The Droll Yankees Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is the perfect solution for bird lovers who want to keep squirrels away. With a weight activated, motorized perch and durable metal components, this feeder provides superior defense against squirrels. The spinning action of the perch gently tosses squirrels off and the tight fitting metal cap prevents them from lifting the lid. Hang it correctly and enjoy feeding your birds without worrying about pesky squirrels.


Ground Wild Bird Feeder Tray - Metal Platform Bird Feeder

Attract wild birds with the Gray Bunny ground bird feeder tray. Made of heavy duty steel mesh with rust resistant black powder coating, this compact 7x7 inch feeder is durable and practical. Raised edges prevent spillage and two curved steel bars keep it balanced. Easy to clean, just turn it face down and hose it off or use a bleach solution. A perfect gift for bird lovers.