Bluebirds to Woodpeckers: Bird Houses for Every Bird in Your Garden

Bird houses or "nest boxes" are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners with Backyards and gardens. They are small structures designed to provide birds with a safe and secure place to nest and raise their young. Having bird houses can be incredibly beneficial, not only for the birds but also for you and your garden. In this article, we will discuss 4 reasons why you should add nest boxes to your yard.

1. Having bird houses in your backyard can provide a vital source of shelter and protection for birds. With natural habitats becoming increasingly scarce due to urbanization, these little wooden houses can help to bridge the gap between the birds and the urban environment. They provide birds with a safe place to rest and nest, away from the dangers of predators, harsh weather, and other disturbances.

2. Nest boxes can be incredibly educational for both adults and children. By having at least one in your backyard, you can observe the birds and their behavior up close. This can be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the different types of birds that visit your garden and their nesting habits. It can also be a great way to introduce children to nature and teach them about the importance of preserving wildlife.

3. Having bird houses can be beneficial for your garden itself. Birds are natural pest controllers and can help to keep pests such as slugs, snails, and aphids under control. By providing a safe haven for birds to nest, you are encouraging them to visit your garden more frequently, which can help to keep pests at bay.

4. Having bird houses in your backyard can be a great way to contribute to the conservation of bird species. Many species of birds are declining due to loss of habitat, and nest boxes can help to provide them with a safe place to breed and raise their young. By having nest boxes in your yard, you are playing an important role in the conservation of these bird species.

If you are considering adding a nest box to your garden, there are many different designs and styles available to suit your needs, so there is sure to be a nest box that is perfect for your outdoor space. 


Here are 10 of the most popular nest boxes available to buy

Nature's Way Bird Products Cedar Bluebird Box House

Nature's Way Cedar Bluebird House offers premium quality and durability with naturally rot resistant cedar and rust free hardware. Air vents and clean out doors promote bird health and easy maintenance. Fledgling kerfs aid young birds in climbing out, while an elevated mesh floor helps manage harmful infestations. A predator guard protects against predators and ensures a safe environment for baby birds to thrive.


Wren Birdhouses for Outside - Cedar Bluebird Nest Box with 9 Air Vents

GrayBunny Cedar Wren Houses provide a sturdy and attractive home for small birds such as wrens, finches, and chickadees. Made with 100% premium cedar wood, it features 9 air vents for optimal air flow and a removable bottom panel for easy cleaning. Hang it easily with the included vinyl coated metal wire and add a decorative accent to your garden or balcony. A great gift for bird lovers of all ages.


Vintage Hanging Natural Wooden Garden Bird House

The Hamiledyi Vintage Bird House is a cozy and safe shelter for small birds like wrens, chickadees, and hummingbirds. Made from natural materials, this durable and eco friendly birdhouse offers a comfortable resting place away from predators, biting wind, and storms. With a small wood pile in the front for birds to rest on, this birdhouse is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration, gardening, and gifting.


BestNest Audubon Woodpecker House

The Audubon Woodpecker House from BestNest offers woodpeckers a safe and familiar shelter in your yard. The all wood construction mimics natural cavities, and a bag of wood shavings is included for the birds to excavate. With a 2.25" entrance hole, two ventilation holes, and a sloping roof to keep water out, this cedar house is a durable and reliable choice. The front panel lifts for easy access, and the flat back is easy to mount on a post, wall, or tree. Made in the USA.


Screech Owl Nest Box

The JCs Wildlife Screech Owl House is a handmade cedar nesting box with a poly lumber roof that is durable and long lasting. It is easy to install and comes with drainage holes and ventilation for air circulation. The front door swings up for easy cleaning and is suitable for Western Screech, Eastern Screech, Saw-Whet Owls, and Kestrels. It is not suitable for larger owls like Barn Owls or Great Horned Owls.


BIGBATBOX - Bat House for Outdoors - Clean Your Backyard from Mosquitoes

The BIGBATBOX is a wooden bat house kit designed to attract up to 75 bats with its efficient two chamber design. Made of high quality cedar wood, it is durable and resistant to rot and decay. With no paint inside to affect the bats, it can effectively eliminate mosquitoes and withstand various weather patterns. Installing the bat house is easy with the provided stainless steel hardware, and it is an eco friendly solution that encourages bats to roost in your backyard.


Birds Choice 4 Floor/16 Room - Purple Martin Large Bird House

Get the best of both worlds with Birds Choice bird house! Featuring the same quality as Coates Original Houses, but with starling resistant entrance holes cut to an exact height, Purple Martins can enjoy greater security with 99.8% effectiveness in restricting starling entry. This large, white/grey house has 4 floors and 16 rooms, and comes with hinged doors, porch dividers, and other components for easy cleanout and setup. Proudly made in the USA at their Wisconsin facility, Birds Choice is committed to designing and creating the best products for bird lovers.


Natural Wooden Hummingbird Houses for Outside Hanging

Attract nature's hummingbirds with this Natural Wooden Hummingbird Houses! Made of beech, the friendly design features a perfectly sized entrance and pole for feeding and protecting chicks. Easy to hang and with a novel shape, it's the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Plus, it makes a great gift for nature and bird lovers alike!


Triple Wooden Birdhouse Bulk 8 Pack

Decorate your garden with these versatile 8” Triple Wooden Birdhouses! The natural wood surface is perfect for painting and staining to your liking. This bulk 8 pack of Paulownia wood birdhouses offers a budget friendly solution for your garden nature viewing.


Solar Powered Birdhouse with HD Camera

Experience the wonder of nature up close with NESTERA's Solar Powered Birdhouse with Camera. Watch the nesting process on your phone with live close up video feed in crisp HD, with night vision and a built in microphone. Suitable for multiple species, with a removable front panel and optional hole protection plates. Powered by solar energy, made of durable and weatherproof Western Red Cedar, and easy to use with the NESTERA app.