6 Buddha Decor Gift Ideas For All Of Your Favorite People

When gifting someone a Buddha, you’re also gifting them with all of the wonderful things that Buddha represents. Happiness, good health and prosperity are just a few of the things Buddha stands for. The term Buddha means “enlightened one”. A Buddha head represents the Buddha’s wisdom. The serene smile symbolizes Buddha’s calm and peaceful nature. All of the Buddha decor items in this list would make great gifts for someone looking to create a peaceful, meditative sanctuary in their living space. Buddha decor makes a beautiful addition to someones home aesthetically and spiritually.



Buddha Lamp

This lamp gives off a relaxing, warm glow that would look stunning in any room. It’s a great gift because it looks beautiful whether the light is on or off. Some good places to display this Buddha lamp would be on a shelf with some books, on your desk, or on your bedside table as a night light.


Buddha Statue

This elegant Buddha Statue would look great placed amongst plants and flowers, next to incense or candles, and pretty much any other spot in your home. Its simple, yet gorgeous design makes it the perfect decor gift for so many people.


Gold Happy Buddha

The Happy Buddha or “Laughing Buddha” is one of the most popular types of Buddhas, especially for gift giving. The reason being it represents happiness, good luck, and prosperity. These are all wonderful things to wish for the person you bless with a laughing Buddha.


Garden Buddha Bust

This outdoor Buddha statue is a great gift for someone who loves plants and spending time outside. If they spend a lot of time gardening or entertaining outdoors, this Buddha would be the perfect gift for them.


Buddha Head

This modern style Buddha head statue would look perfect in a trendy style living space. The person you know who loves vases full of pampas grass, luxury candles and large coffee table books would love to receive this Buddha as a gift.


Buddha Candle by Petite Chérie

Our Gazing Buddha Soy Candle would be a gorgeous gift for any candle lover. We have an amazing selection of colors and scents and it looks great anywhere in your home. Whether you burn it or keep it as a decor piece, you will love this candle and want to buy more.


Choosing the right Buddha can take some time, but it is definitely worth it. Your loved one will be sure to appreciate the thought you’ve put into picking a Buddha to gift them. Along with all of the positive effects you hope Buddha will bring to their home and lives.