The Different Types Of Candles And How To Style Them In Your Home

The Different Types Of Candles And How To Style Them In Your Home

Candles come in all different shapes and sizes. How they are displayed and used changes from one type to the next. This article will guide you through the most common types of candles we see in homes and how to integrate them into your decor.

Taper Candles are long, thin candles. We are all familiar with seeing this type of candle at a table set for a romantic dinner, or in the hand of a victorian era movie character walking down a dark hallway. However they cannot stand on their own and will require a candle holder. They typically follow a standard size so that taper candle holders and replacement candles are easy to find and fit every time. They look great on dining tables, fireplace mantles, or in candle holders that mount to the wall.

Pillar candles are the type we are known for creating. Though ours aren’t traditional shapes, they still fall under this category. The common pillar is a sturdy, thick cylinder that varies in thickness and height. But they also come in many different shapes such as rectangular, hexagonal, and square. When adding them to your home, there are endless possibilities. They look gorgeous on tabletops as centerpieces, as accents next to other decor, in an old fireplace or across a mantle, sitting on a stack of books, and so much more. However when burning, they need to be placed on a fire resistant dish or tray. This is to prevent the hot melted wax from coming into contact with the surfaces in your home. This is our favorite type of candle to style in a home because it adds so much more to a space than just wax. To check out our pillar candles click here.

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Container candles are exactly as they sound, in containers. They can be in jars, glasses, bowls, and so much more. They also come in all different shapes and sizes. Much like pillar candles, the wider the candle, the more wicks that are required for an efficient and even burn. It’s also important to note that whatever the container is made out of, it needs to be able to withstand the hot temperatures that the wax will reach as it melts. Container candles work on any surface, in any room. Put them in the center of your coffee table, or on your bathroom counter. They will be sure to elevate the ambiance in your home no matter where you put them.

Votive candles are short, little candles that do not come in containers. They are most similar to pillar candles but are much smaller in size. They are most often confused with tealights, but are larger and longer burning. They look beautiful throughout the home in attractive jars and containers, or on a fire resistant dish or tray.

Tealight candles are very short candles about one inch tall that usually come in a little metal or plastic container to prevent wax from spilling out. They are disc shaped and typically made in a standard size. Tough they have short burn times, they are very versatile and look beautiful in jars and other decorative vessels to decorate tabletops.

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