How To Get The Most Out Of Your Candles - Tips & Tricks

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Candles - Tips & Tricks

Candles are the perfect finishing touch to any home. They add elegance, sophistication, a warm ambiance, beautiful light, and release gorgeous fragrances. But they require a little more care beyond lighting them and walking away. In this article we will share some tips and tricks on caring for your candle. We will also touch on avoiding tunneling, how to store them to keep them fresh smelling and so much more.

The first burn is the most important one. It sets the precedent for how the candle will burn every time you light it in the future. You want it to burn slowly, evenly and safely. There are many factors that go into accomplishing all of these things.

For jar or container candles, allow the wax to pool all the way to the edge before you put it out. How long this takes will depend on the size of the candle. But it is so important to prevent tunneling and will make your candles last longer.

Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before every time you light it. This will prevent the wax from burning too quickly. It also helps to control the size of the flame. A smaller flame is safer and allows you to get the most burn time out of your candle. Scissors will do the job but it is best to invest in a wick trimmer to get a precise and even cut every time.

Where you store your candle is also an important factor. Keep them in a cool, dry, dark place when not in use. This will prevent the sun and harsh lights from causing candles to sweat and separating from the fragrance. But it is important that where you store them isn’t too hot, or too cold. Both of these extremes can negatively affect the performance of your candle. If your candle is a part of your home decor, storing them can be a little harder to do. But it would help to keep them in the best condition possible. At least make sure to put lids, covers or even a cloche back over your candles to prevent dust, pet hair, etc. from accumulating. It will also help to maintain the strength of the fragrance.

Candle Cover Dome Glass Cloche

When putting out the flame on your candle, try not to blow on it. Using a candle snuffer is the best and safest way to put out your candle. It keeps wick debris from falling into the wax pool, and prevents the hot, melted wax from blowing out of the candle and onto yourself or the surfaces in your home.

Keep your candle away from a breeze. A draft will cause your candle to burn faster and produce more soot. It can also be dangerous. It can cause the flame height to increase and make contact with other items in your home.

If the flame on your candle is flickering, too tall or producing a lot of smoke, these are signs of improper burning. If you notice any of these signs, use your candle snuffer to extinguish the flame. Once the candle is cool, trim the wick and try lighting it again. Observe the candle to make sure any signs of improper burning are no longer present.

Try not to burn your candles all the way down. It is tempting to do so to get the most out of your candle but it’s not the best idea. When your candle has about 1/4” of wax left, stop continued use. This is to prevent a jar or container from overheating. Without a solid base of wax, this is likely to happen. The same goes for pillar candles. You don’t want the wick to be displace while burning. So once you reach that 1/4” mark, it’s best to blow it out and discard once cooled.

The most important tip is to always watch and pay attention to a burning candle. Never leave it unattended. And if you notice any signs of improper burning, use these tips to correct it. You’ll be much happier when your candle is burning longer, stronger and safer.

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